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Nam-Ke Production


I’m Nam-Ke an illustrator, comicartist and graphic designer from Kuopio, Finland.

Through my one-woman company Nam-Ke Production I do graphic novels, commision work as well as some comic related teaching. I love telling stories with anything visual and this way I can do things related to it all the time as a part of my solo entrepreneurship. At the portfolio you can find a grand variation of all of my work. Some are from my comics and some were desinged specially for different products. For more stuff go check out my Instagram. Unfortunately my other social medias are in Finnish.

Why the name Nam-Ke?

My artist name (and company name) Nam-Ke has shaped from my real name Natalia A. M. Kekkonen. I started to use it as a pseudonym on the Internet when I posted my art for the first time. Since that it has grown to be a very important part of my artist identity.



You can order illustrations, comics, graphic design, 2D animations and webdesigning from me. If your in need of a logo for your company, unique drawings as a gift or something else with visual designing I’m here for you. For more info on what kind of things I have done check out my portfolio and Instagram.


My products range from comiczines to custom shirts. In events around Finland I sell my comics, postcards and stickers. You can find the next convention I’m going to at Instagram. Mostly the same products I sell in events can also be bought online from my Etsy shop when it’s open.

A vast variation of stuff with my illustrations on them can be ordered from my Redbubble shop. There you can find t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, totebags and more. From every order with my illustration I get a small commission fee for the use of the image.


Comic themed workshops are perfect for events for kids and adults. The tasks are custommed to fit the events nature and lenght. All needed equipment, like pens and papers, are allways included in the price.

Contact me

I’m more than happy to answer any questions about my products or commission works or anything else you want know more about. You can contact me by email at webmail(ät) or send messages through social media.

Email adress:

Natalia Kekkonen