I’m Nam-Kealso known as Natalia Kekkonen, an illustrator and comicartist from Kuopio, Finland.

Besides graphic novels I do a lot of commision illustrations and some comic related teaching as a part of my solo entrepreneurship. My one-woman company Nam-Ke Production is quite new and I’m still finding my way in the business world. I love drawing illustrations and graphic novels, and this way I can do them all the time.

At the portfolio you can find a grand variation of all of my drawings. Some are from my comics and some were desinged specially for different products. For more stuff follow me at InstagramRedbubble, Etsy or Youtube. Unfortunately my other social medias are in Finnish.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions about my products or commission works or anything else you want know more about. You can contact me by email to webmail@nam-ke.net or by phone +358 44 2452663. Messages through social media are also an option.